About Variux

Variux came to be from a couple of friends (David Edmonson and John Anderson) huddled around a coffee pot at 2am out in Dallas, GA. John had ended his former “blue collar” job, and decided to pickup PHP for Dummies.

John said:

I’ll make my own CMS.

David laughed at him and asked:

Why don’t you just use Joomla or WordPress?

8 years later and about 30 cms’s later, John is a full time PHP Guru for a local Marietta, GA based corporation, and David avoids WordPress sites like the plague (even though this blog is currently on WordPress, blah) so he can focus on Magento implementations.

Magento Integration

Magento is the ultimate opensource shopping cart platform for businesses to experiment with their customers online shopping experience. With the Magento system you have the ability to build an online B2B portal for customers to reorder, get bulk pricing, and automate the shipping estimation process. Through a series of high quality vendors, we can implement an online shopping cart system that makes ordering easy for your customers and integrates completely with you in-house inventory / order management system.