Benefits of our hosting – Revised

The time has come, where hosting is out pacing my ability to keep up! With virtualization and now containerization, I see the hosting landscape changing dramatically over the next few years. No doubt, people will always need a good server to host a basic website using cPanel. But I think that software architects will begin to write their code in such a way that containers are the future of the internet. Until then, I have two AWESOME hosting companies that I like to work with.

I’m affiliated with both of these awesome companies. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to call the Variux team or either of these companies directly.

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The hosting world is entirely too competitive to be like the norm. So, what do we offer that makes us stand out from the crowd?

  • We’ll buy your domain for you or teach you to buy your own
  • We don’t hold anything hostage
  • We can give you as much space and bandwidth as you really need
  • You don’t have to know anything about space and bandwidth to host with us
  • We will help you validate your site so it works better on all the different web browsers
  • We can give you access to a private, encrypted browsing tunnel for secure email and browsing
  • We can offer you unlimited, encrypted, off-site data (pronounced dAy-ta if you ask me)  storage
  • We can offer good, clean, free advice on how to get your computer running better, what parts you do and don’t need to buy, and how to get your website in the best form it can be
  • We are flexible
  • If we can’t do it, we can find someone who can
  • We can be reached by text message, chat, phone or email
  • We are very good at speaking English and can even translate some computer jargon into something that makes sense to the normal human race
  • We like to have fun and will sit at Starbucks with you while you show us your vacation photos and tell us about your adventures (perhaps that would be more interesting to our customers if we were the GoDaddy girls)
  • We want you to do good and then refer someone else
  • …and finally we’ll compensate you well for your referrals

So…what are you waiting for? Give us a call and setup your account. That’s what we are here for. 678-667-2185 or on our handy toll free number that John doesn’t even know we have: 800-983-4229