Talking about the Buy Box

Today we are going to talk about the buy Box Here are a few examples (these will open in a new tab) Tree Skirt at Wayfair Monitor Arm at Amazon Carburetor on BakesOnline Why It Matters Give Shoppers pertinent information at the time of buying decision. Clear away any ambiguity to make decisions easier Give other options What questions do your shoppers have when they are deciding who to buy from?

Top 3 Considerations for a Perfect Shipping Strategy

There are a lot of considerations when you begin to tweak your shopping cart’s Shipping Step. You don’t want to increase abandonment, but you don’t want to cut into your margins. In this video, I discuss 3 of the most important metrics to consider in making data-driven, incremental enhancements to your shipping strategy. There is more to an online eCommerce relationship than Free Shipping. I’ll outline some other considerations here. For a 1-hour free strategy call with me, listen to the end of the video Continue reading →