Turning Your Love Into Money, Without Loving Money

Here are 4 of my top links and why I think they are genius


He acts like a silly Muppet character, lives in the middle of no-where in Washington state, and has figured out a way to make money having fun while doing something productive. On top of all that, he gives parents an EASY way to download the video content to their own devicies to save on bandwidth which could be a huge benefit if you are going on an airplane or some other data impaired excursion: https://blippi.com/product-category/digital-downloads/

Michele Phan

I don’t know much more about her than the article. But in looking at her site I can see how she has intertwined the Youtube Videos and has used other resources online to do her marketing for her: http://michellephan.com/shop/ (like selling on Etsy). She has become a full scale resource to women about makeup, fashion, eating, and more

Ben Cummings

He puts out a ton of content. Each segment of content is very specific. He has free content all of the the place, and it all leads back to his Ben Cummings website where you are put into a funnel for Coaching or a Mastermind group:


This Week in Tech was started by Leo Laport (https://www.leolaporte.com/) who started with several magazines and tech tv shows, then eventually branched out to do his own thing. He tried the Support me by Donations model but he could never get above a few hundred thousand dollars per year which meant he couldn’t grow and invest in staff and technology. So, he started the advertising model which has been a great success. Also, I support him by buying from many of his advertisers. The network gives out such high quality and great content that I’m excited anytime I can buy from one of their sponsors. Also, they have a model of Openness. This means you are free to download and redistribute their content anytime anywhere and all they ask in return is that you do not remove their ads.

Finally, the book that has me thinking about Why I roll out of bed and run into the office everyday:

Start with Why