1 Min – Unified Communications for RobsWobs.com

Multiple stakeholders internally who all need a way to keep abreast of what is important while avoiding extra noise for information that isn’t relevant.

  • Owners
  • Managers
  • Sales Staff
  • Customer Service
  • Warehouse
  • Delivery

Professional Email with Strategic Delegation

It isn’t always enough to give everyone a mailbox. Frequently you need the ability for multiple individuals to manage a single point of contact (ie sales@RobsWobs.com). Whenever the owner is out of town an administrator or manager may need access to handle important issues. How do you handle these issues? Walking around the office from desk to desk is a viable solution, but not efficient (not to mention the IT department won’t be keen on this idea).

Dedicated Trackable Phone Numbers for Marketing and Sales Strategies

The only way you can know that you’re winning is to keep score. Tracking inbound phone calls for specific marketing campaigns can help clarify ROI. Tracking sales opportunities with your sales staff can help determine the time to close and opportunity costs by seeing the amount of time spent on calls related to an opportunity. It can also be beneficial to track response to print or physical ads by monitoring inbound volume. Most importantly, if done right, you can make a phone number more versatile to accept texts, emails, faxes, and even social responses.

Real-Time Chat and Social Communications

We’ve all seen the “how can I help you” bubble on a website that will not go away. Helpful attendance can be given in a less intrusive way and can be a highly effective conversion tool. However, I’m talking about internal team communications. The ability to pop a chat message to a teammate across the store or across town can drastically reduce the friction to find answers for customers.

Social outlets to your customers and consumers can reduce the friction to purchase. People are often one answer away from spending their money. They are probably going to spend their money with the first provider that is able to give them the answers they need.  Most purchase decisions are emotional – not logical! Be sure you are able to help a customer through their process to strike while their interest and their emotions are maximally invested.

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