Why Am I Not in Google?

I recently received this email from one of my customers:

Hey David

I just did a Google search on “landscaping marietta” “landscaping marietta ga” and “lawn care marietta” and we are no where to be found in the first 50 pages.  How is that possible?  I know it takes time for it to move up but how do we ever get it to move if it isn’t any where to be found?  All I see are the ads that we have posted.

While I’m not pretending to know the depth and breadth of the Google algorithm, there are certainly some pointers I can offer for businesses in and around Marietta.


  • Put a physical address on your site
  • Create a Google Places (Google+) profile for your business and link that address
  • Do some online networking and get your name on the popular sites: Kudzu, YP.com, Your HOA clients, Cobb County Patch website, etc. The more relevant back links the better.

But here is the biggest point of all. Your site must provide value. If you are trying to attract the attention of landscaping and yard maintenance clients, your site needs to provide users with helpful information related to landscaping in Marietta. Some examples:

  • How about the weather and growing conditions in Marietta, GA
  • How about an article that tells when to water your Zoysia and where to get high nitrogen fertilizer
  • Explain to tell the difference between weeds and perennial growth
  • Did you tell your visitors how to use beer to keep slugs out of your flowers
  • Did you do a pro / con of doing a open firepit hardscape vs a outdoor fireplace
  • How do you keep the mosquito at bay in your Kennesaw backyard
  • etc…

Google gives users value by giving them what they are looking for. Your site gains rank on Google by answering the need of the visitor.

If you need help with your SEO efforts, we can help. We can craft a plan, a budget, and some definitive benchmarks. Variux can write articles, harvest backlink sites, and help manage Google Ads. However, all of these things could be handled by you as well. It just comes down to lots of Google searching, writing, and networking with other sites.