Who is Variux?
[n. var-E-ux]

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We understand the complex issues your company may be facing. With our knowledge and ability to think outside of the box, we can help answer your questions, solve your issues, and make it easier to do business online.


David Edmonson

I’m David.

I believe life should be as simple as possible, but I find a drive towards complexity everywhere.  It’s been my life’s work, and the work of my company, to find solutions to those things that are getting in our way.

So far, my life has been a zig zag of experiences – and not all of them in technology. This diversity is what has helped me clarify my perspective and the vision for my company. The time spent working in disaster relief, video production, web hosting and even a warehouse all helped build a rounded view of business and people. I found a passion for problem solving that I’ve been able to carry with me everywhere I go. In every venture there are the things that we need, the things we want, and a happy medium.

Even as a teen, I was drawn to tech. Working with an IBM industry veteran as my mentor, we disassembled computers to their component parts and then reassembled the usable pieces into functioning systems that we could sell or donate in our community. I still believe that these formative years taught me the most and framed my life views.

Variux started as a website hosting company and prospered well, offering everything a business could need. And it was there that I started to see the broken parts of the system – those areas that were most in need of disassembly. Ecommerce, and specifically, Magento seemed to be one of these areas that caused the most complexity and barriers to the business owner. It became clear that this was where our effort needed to be focused, and the Variux of today began to take shape.

Today, I lead the team as both a mentor and a participant as we help companies plan or fix their online stores so that they run better and stronger with the least amount of friction. It feels like a return to my roots, just on a larger scale. Getting to take something apart and make something better.


Emily Stiles
Director of Administration

Emily joined the team in January 2020 as director of administration. Whether scheduling, organizing, or simply filling in gaps where needed, Emily covers a variety of tasks. Everyday offers unique behind-the-scenes challenges suited to help the team focus on their clients’ needs. Prior to joining Variux, Emily spent two years in Ireland working as a HR representative for a nonprofit organization, followed by three years as an administrative and executive assistant at a marketing agency in Marietta, GA. Emily enjoys spending her free time drawing up design plans for her home and going on walks with her husband, Michael, daughter Maren, and dog, Murphy.

Bo Brownlow
Project Manager

Bo has worked at Variux for the past three years and recently shifted to the project manager role. As a tinkerer, and reformed perfectionist, Bo enjoys producing results and fixing anything that breaks. This, combined with his strong IT background, includes solving technical problems of all kinds, making Bo the perfect solution for projects when the going gets tough. When he's not managing projects Bo can be found reading books focusing on self-improvement, business, and personal finance, or, along with his wife, Sharon, and their daughter Claudia, exploring the day on their tandem bicycle with their corgi, Teddy, trailered behind.

Olivia Clark
Project Manager

Olivia stepped up to the challenge of project manager at Variux in January 2020. Prior to her role at Variux, Olivia was named Employee of the Year at a marketing agency for her work as team lead over social media, managing over two dozen brands. Her confidence allowed her to take on the challenge of managing e-commerce websites. How is she handling the transition into her new role? "I love working at Variux because everyday I get to work on something new and help my clients solve problems. You never know what situations may arise so I love the challenge!" When she's not working with clients and overseeing projects Olivia and her husband, Brennan, enjoy cooking, watching sports, traveling (they’ve already visited 22 countries together!), and going on long walks with their black lab, Gus.

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Whether you value a good ol’ fashion phone call, a power lunch, email, or an abbreviated txt msg, we are here to help make your life easier. No matter how you decide to reach out, we want to help you make every eCommerce transaction possible.

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