Who is Variux?
[n. var-E-ux]

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David Edmonson

David’s early interest in computers and development began while being mentored by a retired IBM systems engineer. Like the naive Ralph Machio, David thought he was going to start his IT journey by playing video games on the latest hardware—a 486DX—but was immediately introduced to a garage full of broken down 286 systems needing a good bit of "wax-on, wax-off" work to become functional.

David’s job was to gather all of the parts spread around the garage and put them together to build systems. All of the working systems were then sold for $20, or given away to families in the Marietta community who could benefit from technology. It was from this job that David learned how to troubleshoot and ask questions—a pivotal point in his life where he learned the two most important skills that apply to every project today.

David later held many different positions in unique industries that would set the foundation for the beginnings of Variux, and he learned specific skills that contribute to his continuing success. After building computers, David began working the registrar for a homeschool group—a position where he learned how to manage a database. He then worked in the warehouse and discovered the importance of peer review and two-step authentication.

At the age of 17, David began Disaster Relief training and was presented the opportunity to begin a videography and photography training course, furthering his skill set and knowledge with different technologies. David relocated from Northern Michigan to Chicago and worked in executive staffing for property and casualty insurance and IT until the age of 23 when David began a website hosting company in 2008, and Variux was born.

After some trial and error, Variux moved from website hosting to website selling, and ultimately to eCommerce, including IT, hosting, and general websites, all while becoming more familiar with Magento. Once David was confident with the Magento system, he began focusing less on general eCommerce needs and more on providing Magento solutions by troubleshooting, asking questions, and educating his clients on how custom integrations can help their business build eCommerce solutions. Working with a variety of clients to tackle problems of all kinds in true Karate Kid fashion, David is confident with Magento and developing the right solutions for eCommerce business needs.

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Whether you value a good ol’ fashion phone call, a power lunch, email, or an abbreviated txt msg, we are here to help make your life easier. No matter how you decide to reach out, we want to help you make every e-commerce transaction possible.

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