Protect Your eCommerce Business with Trademarks

By David Edmonson | October 2, 2020

Do you have a registered trademark for brands sold in your ecommerce business? If the answer is no, what actions are you taking to protect your brand? Without a trademark, the unique aspects of your brand, business, products, and packaging are at risk of being copied. Ecommerce businesses are especially susceptible to this form of…

The Best Way to Design Product Detail Pages

By David Edmonson | June 30, 2020

The design of a product detail page on an eCommerce site can directly impact a buyer’s purchasing decision. In fact, 88% of online shoppers are less likely to return to a site after a bad user experience. Your product detail page is the last stop before your visitors make a purchasing decision, and if they…

Build List for a Virtual Meeting Studio

By David Edmonson | April 22, 2020
My Simple Home Desk Setup

If you like the acoustic properties of a trashcan, then this article isn’t for you! Otherwise read a few tips for a great virtual meeting setup.

Magento 2.3.2 cannot import image from url

By David Edmonson | November 21, 2019

I realize this post is closed, but I wanted to add an update related to Magento ver. 2.3.2. I was running into this same error when uploading a csv that pulling a single image from an external url with no special characters or url related issues. Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external…

Increase memory limit for php via .htaccess in Magento 2 with cPanel

By David Edmonson | November 20, 2019

If you don’t have access to your php.ini file you can also make the change in your .htaccess file.  If you are using cPanel at your hosing provider, you can go to your cPanel login > File Manager Navigate to your public_html folder. This is where Magento 2 is typically installed by default. There, you…

Magento 2 Invalid Form Key when Saving Products in Admin

By David Edmonson | November 20, 2019

When running a Magento 2 storefront, it can be quiet frustrating to spend 10 minutes updating a product description, only to be met with an error when you try to save. Thankfully, this is rarely a major issue. Most likely, it is a local browser caching issue. Here are 4 ways to check if it…

Magento 2 Reset Admin Users Password

By David Edmonson | August 26, 2019

This is a basic tutorial on how to use the Magento 2 Permissions System to reset an administrator’s password. This can be useful if you have changed Magento service providers or have had and employee leave your company. Login to Admin and navigate to System > Permissions > All Users Next, simply click on the…

Magento 2 Caching Technology

By Jarett Ehas | August 22, 2019

As Magento websites become bigger, bolder, and more complex, they’re known to take longer to load in web browsers. With that in mind, the proper application of caching technologies is important. Paired with great hosting and following web-development best practices, caching helps your site to load quickly and efficiently. The correct combination may even help…

Magento Keeping Stock of Inventory

By David Edmonson | February 1, 2019

Installing Magento Commerce B2B Modules when Composer doesn't use the correct PHP version

By David Edmonson | November 12, 2018

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