Atlanta PHP

My first visit to Atlanta PHP was back in 2008 when the group was in a small room in Colony Plaza. Back then I had just started my company and really had no idea what I was doing. I couldn’t code then. Today the extent of my “scripting” is a Pearl script to parse a flat text file into a CSV and a one-time successful attempt to iterate through an array using Postman with Javascript. HTML and CSS don’t scare me. SQL is fun. But striking the balance between being a Product Owner and a CEO is the main thing I work on every day.

All of that to say one thing: I appreciate the dedication, skill, patience, and intuition that it takes to be a programmer. I appreciate all that the Atlanta PHP Group has meant to me over the years. It is an honor that Variux is now at a point where we can contribute to the group.

Cheers Everyone!

David Edmonson

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