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Byte Level Data Replication to Remote Server

The following was suggested from “Re: Byte Level Replication under Linux Update: After quite a bit of research and product trials I came down to a few solutions. One of which was not actually replicating the data on our RHEL server but just doing normal byte level replication inside the Windows hosts that we run under VMware on the RHEL box. That proved to be costly as software like DoubleTake isn’t cheap. We would also need a pair of licenses for every Windows host Continue reading →

Best Place to Buy Domain Names

We are constantly buying new domain names and often are asked by our customers where they should buy their domains. There is one answer for your next domain name registrar: Just make sure you take advantage of domain name privacy (whois privacy or private whois). This protects your identity as the domain owner. Most people put their home address and their email address on the whois information and it makes it real easy to find you and your family. Here are variux we are Continue reading →

How-to: Secure your Traffic using an SSH Tunnel with PuTTY

Here is the quick and simple way to encrypt and protect what you are sending and receiving over the network whether you are at home or at a wifi hotspot. This is a simple proxy over an SSH connection. You will need the following to do this (works for any platform): PuTTY for your platform A server that supports SSH (either set up at home or your web host) That’s it! First set up PuTTY to connect to your SSH server but also set the Continue reading →

Encrypting Credit Cards

Today we have completely locked down our Credit Card encryption system! Because I’m an absolute freak about security on the Client system of var!ux, John (with the help of Sarah, I’m sure) created a highly secure hash to house our client’s sensitive data. Is it unbreakable? Well, we’ve certainly made it a rough beast to try and wrestle! Now it is up to you to keep your passwords safe by keeping them only in your head or listed in a secure place that is secured Continue reading →