ChutingStar on Magento Commerce

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ChutingStar moved their eCommerce business to Magento Commerce after eight years of success with Magento OpenSource. With the enhanced features of Magento Commerce, Chuting Star created a new template that captured the quality and excitement of their family business. As they neared the site launch, however, there were a few hurdles they needed to jump before they could go live, which included dropping the page loads from 10 seconds to 2 seconds, implementing the latest Magento patches, and configuring SSL throughout the page to work with Full Page Caching (FPC).

With the holidays soon approaching, Variux quickly worked through the hurdles to ensure ChutingStar was able to launch their site in time. We migrated their data to our development server, taking 2 seconds off the page loads, and we reviewed the error_log, which revealed missing resources that were stalling the server response time, cutting another 4 seconds on page loads. We updated to the latest Magento release to solve known security vulnerabilities and fix the issue with SSL and FPC, and we implemented FPC, giving us the performance boost needed to go live.

The new site launch was an exciting milestone and marked the beginning of a successful shopping season for ChutingStar. We were able to help them save over $100,00 a year, which was able to be reinvested into their business for continued growth.