We recently had a project where our client wanted to show specific images on Simple Products which were associated within Configurable Products. To save time and money, our first step was to mass import the Simple product photos that were actually unique using the method described (here). After our first pass of importing images, they didn’t show on the Product View Page. This started a troubleshooting process as documented here:

  • The Simple Products all worked fine, with the exception of the Image which wouldn't show in Admin or on the public facing website.
  • We could upload images via the admin, but they would not show.
  • The images were being added to the database but not the file system.

We began to test more and found that a previous mass import had created a round of image files with a Zero file size. Magento Admin was then trying to populate these images into the Admin window, but because of their Zero file size, they would not populate. This was causing an error in the javascript:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token C in JSON at position 347
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at String.parseJSON [as evalJSON] (prototype.js:720)
at klass.initialize (product.js:49)
at new klass (prototype.js:101)
at (index):1821

By using the Inspector in the web browser, we were able to cross reference the file system and find the files which were not being parsed.

Then using Linux console we were able to run:

cd ~/public_html/media/catalog/product
find . -size 0 > zerosize.txt

To create a list of files that were zero file size.

Then we were able to run an sql query to remove entries related to these files

DELETE FROM `catalog_product_entity_media_gallery` where `value` in (pasted list of files)

This allowed Magento to then parse the data into Admin and allowed future image uploads to work.