Magento 2.3.2 cannot import image from url

I realize this post is closed, but I wanted to add an update related to Magento ver. 2.3.2. I was running into this same error when uploading a csv that pulling a single image from an external url with no special characters or url related issues.

Magento 2 cannot import or download image from external resource

Imported resource (image) could not be downloaded from external resource due to timeout or access permissions

A quick check of the exception.log and I saw this:
[2019-11-20 23:59:35] main.CRITICAL: File directory 'pub/media/import' is not readable.

In my scenario, it was due to the pub/media/import directory missing completely. So, even if you are downloading a file from an external url, Magento uses the import directory to stage the file. Good to know.

There is far more detail at if you are interested in seeing the life of this ticket.