My Simple Home Desk Setup

Build List for a Virtual Meeting Studio

A budget list of tweaks you can make to your setup to sound and look better on virtual meetings.

Stop reading now if:


  • The underside of your chin is your most attractive feature
  • You LOVE the feeling in your neck after starting at your laptop all day
  • Your ideal acoustic tone is titled "Garbled trash can"


If none of those are true, I'm going to share a few tips to make your Virtual Meeting Life a lot better with a minimal investment to your desk setup. 


Here is a video of the setup I use at home currently (this is during the 2020 COVID-19 CCP Virus Quarantine -- crazy times).

Now one thing to consider: Audio trumps everything! How you look in a virtual meeting is far less important than how you sound. You want people to remember what you say, not that you were the "person who sounded like they were stuck in a well."

General Considerations

USB-C and USB Ports

USB-C and USB Cables

  • Desk space - all of these options are going to be hard to implement if you are running your virtual meetings from your sofa
  • Existing lighting - Make sure your back isn't facing a window or a bright lamp
  • Audio - Silence your phone, put the dogs outside, and turn off the TV in the next room


First pick your platform:


There is one huge advantage to having a Mac Book: the built-in audio is very good! So, let's focus on what you need to make the Mac setup optimal. If you have a great place to setup your workstation with some desk space, and $100 extra isn't going to break your budget, still consider getting the microphone. But if the budget is tight focus on the stand and the lighting. 


PC / Windows

The best thing about a PC is that you typically have the options to add-on additional stuff pretty easily. 



I'm going the extra lean route on this topic. I don't like the idea of doing Virtual Meetings. But, I know some people love it. 



I know that it is a brief tutorial, but hopefully it gives you some guidance on how to set your workspace to be more effective.