I’m not a fan of AutoCorrect in my Excel or Calc program. As such, there are some tweaks that should be done. Disable Recognition of URLS:

Libre Calc

source (https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/Turning_off_Automatic_URL_Recognition)

Turn off URL Recognition

  1. Load a document of the type for which you want to modify the URL recognition.
    If you want to modify the URL recognition for text documents, open a text document.
  2. Choose Tools – AutoCorrect – AutoCorrect Options.
  3. In the AutoCorrect dialog, select the Options tab.
  4. If you unmark URL Recognition, words will no longer be automatically replaced with hyperlinks.
    In LibreOffice Writer there are two check boxes in front of URL Recognition. The box in the first column is for later post-editing and the box in the second column is for AutoCorrect as you type.

Other AutoCorrect Features

I also like to remove every auto correct entry under the Replace Tab that relates to a symbol or any words that I frequently abbreviate. For example, if you have a shortcut “att” that you use frequently, auto correct will may try to change this to “at” thinking that you doubled typed the last letter. This is very frustrating and it could cause data quality issues in your production cart.

If you do not feel comfortable removing the entries from the Replace tab, you may make entries in the Exceptions tab as needed.