What Does Variux Do


Making Magento Work As Advertised -- and Beyond!

Magento was originally created in 2008 and has become the world's most popular eCommerce website builder. The software is free, built to work with any language or currency, and has simple search functionality built-in. Their enterprise customers include STIHL Outdoor Power Tools, Caterpillar, and the North Face.

The secret to Magento's success is amazing flexibility. Think of this like Microsoft Windows where nearly any software to solve any problem exists and it can be installed by any Windows user. The same idea is true of Magento.

However, Magento's flexibility causes it to often become so custom and fragile that performance and stability are completely lost.

This is what Variux does: We install, maintain, and configure Magento eCommerce software and we make sure it always works!

But there is one more trick. We work with successful brands. Successful eCommerce stores cannot stand alone, because they have pricing, inventory, customers, and orders. All of those need to be stored and maintained in the accounting system.

This is what Variux does: We connect accounting and inventory systems to Magento eCommerce and ensure they are always in sync!

If you are asking, "Can Magento connect to my ERP?" the answer is, “Yes!” A seamless custom integration system can connect Magento to other existing systems like:

  • ERP systems
  • Shipping systems
  • Market Places
  • Fulfillment services
  • Procurement systems


Are you limited to third-party modules and need custom Magento integrations? Let us help.

We’re Ready to Help You

Whether you value a good ol’ fashion phone call, a power lunch, email, or an abbreviated txt msg, we are here to help make your life easier. No matter how you decide to reach out, we want to help you make every eCommerce transaction possible.

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